Real Estate Development in Broward County

Real estate developers are business persons, partnerships or companies that make new buildings come to life. They purchase the land, hire a team of architects, engineers and create the vision. Then they get any necessary approvals to build the project they envision. Many individual real estate developers have huge visions of improving a city through beautiful buildings or contributing to housing needs in an area that is growing. They are creative and take the risks of development because they love the freedom to create.

On the flip-side of that sounding amazing, is that the real estate development entity also assumes all the risk involved in the project. They are the sole investor, typically, therefore if the project has problems or does not sell, they are the one that losses their investment and profits. By the time a real estate development is completed the developer has already paid all the other contractors and professionals, and is 100% vested in the property.

Building Construction Management in Fort Lauderdale

Construction management involves a holistic scope of the construction project. The construction manager designs, plans, schedules, calculates and procures the materials and resources to complete the project, ensures that proper equipment and staff are present as required, implements and oversees operations necessary to ensure quality and efficiency.

That is the nutshell of construction project management, the early stages of design & planning are completed long before anyone is on a job site. Then the day-to-day overview of processes, scheduling of equipment and professional staff, ensuring that schedules are adhered to and being proactive to elevate down time or getting behind schedule.

New Construction in Palm Beach County

New construction consists of many different types of projects. Parus Construction works with the following three types of new construction.

  • Residential construction is single family homes, apartment complexes, townhouses and other low-rise housing.
  • Commercial construction is for private trade, retail, commerce services. These include office buildings, retail stores, shopping centers, malls, banks, casinos, hotels, warehouses and even larger residentials like high rise hotels and condominiums.
  • Industrial construction are buildings and other construction usually for storage, production structures, manufacturing plants, seaports, pipelines, mills, refineries and even chemical and power plants.

Real Estate Development in Miami Dade

Parus Construction has been in business with steady growth and top-quality new construction projects for over 4 decades. We are offering our services in Broward, Dade, Palm Beach and throughout the whole country. For all your construction needs: residential, commercial or industrial call Parus Construction (954) 222-0000.

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