Fort Lauderdale Construction Project Management

Construction management involves a holistic scope of the construction project. The construction manager designs, plans, schedules, calculates and procures the materials and resources to complete the project, ensures that proper equipment and staff are present as required, implements and oversees operations necessary to ensure quality and efficiency.

That is the nutshell of construction project management, the early stages of design & planning are completed long before anyone is on a job site. Then the day-to-day overview of processes, scheduling of equipment and professional staff, ensuring that schedules are adhered to and being proactive to elevate down time or getting behind schedule.

Construction Project Consultants in Broward County

A construction project consultant is hired to advise and assess, according to their expertise, on structural issues. They are trained as experts in construction with degrees in engineering or related fields of study. They have knowledge with all aspects of construction to be able to look at the plans and larger picture to ensure safety & quality. Usually consultants work for a consulting company, but they may also work as a private contractor, for government agencies or legal firms.

Depending on the project they also may assist with administrative duties to ensure that the project runs without mishap and is operating on time. They also may oversee budgeting to ensure the project stays on budget and correct any issues that arise.

Construction Project Supervisors in Palm Beach County

A construction project supervisor is more like the hands-on, first line supervisor. They are the middleman between the construction project manager & construction consultant, the architects and the subcontractors and other workers. They ensure that the daily tasks are completed and ensure that the workmanship is high quality. These supervisors have several years of experience in construction and supervisory skills, they also may have a bachelor’s degree in construction science, management, architecture and/or engineering.

Construction supervisors are responsible for securing any building or zoning permits, making sure that the necessary equipment and materials are on-site and labor staff is sufficient. They are also responsible for the day-to-day supervision of subcontractors, general laborers and handling any issues or problems that arise.

Construction Project Management in Dade County

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